Every 2 Bags You Buy, Will Feed a Child for a Full Week!

Double Your Blessing….

By Ordering 2 Bags a Month!

Our smooth, full bodied, dark roasted, Sumatran blend coffee will not only help you to #keepitcaffeinated, but will help feed a child in need.

The proceeds from each bag of coffee will be donated to MANNA Worldwide, which provides hot meals for children in need all over the world.

The Story of MANNA Worldwide

In 2002, a small group of people from an organization called MANNA Worldwide met under a mango tree and dreamed about the possibility that one day, they would be able to feed and educate the local children struggling to fight the grip of poverty.

From this humble beginning, a program grew that now feeds hundreds of children every day, educates these same children from kindergarten all the way through high school, and is now graduating more than 50 students each year.

Mango Tree Coffee was inspired by this remarkable story and began with the simple vision that something we enjoy every day could be used to make a profound difference in the Mombasa community and countless others like it around the world.

Mango Tree Coffee: Our Passion, Their Future.

Our coffee company donates 100% of proceeds to MANNA Worldwide in an effort to see this story of hope replicated all over the world, in as many lives as possible. We are committed to bringing you freshly roasted, quality coffee that you can enjoy every day, knowing that each cup you drink is more than just a cup of coffee. For the children we care for, it’s a hot meal; a safe place to call home; a first textbook; and a tangible hope that wasn’t there yesterday.